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Bechtel Recognizes Springs Fab Advanced Technology Group

May 09, 2017

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Industrial Rotary Equipment


Industrial Rotary Equipment:

Springs Fabrication offers Design Engineering, Fabrication, Installation, and Start-up for custom rotary process equipment to meet the specific requirements of your unique processing application.   This includes dryers, coolers, kilns, calciners, dehydrators, granulators, slakers, and crystallizers in Carbon, Stainless, to Exotic Alloys.

Our strength is in the design and fabrication of specification-intensive custom process equipment.  Our Rotary Process Equipment capabilities have been expanded to include the McDermott Brothers line of products and Stearns Roger processing equipment.

McDermott Brothers 

Springs Fabrication purchased McDermott Brothers in the Fall of 2014 and is now supporting an expanded line of Kilns, Dryers, and Coolers as well as the McDermott Brothers line of Dampers.

Stearns Roger 

As part of our Rotary Equipment capabilities, Springs Fab offers expertise in Stearns Roger designed processing equipment.   This includes new custom equipment for existing Stearns Roger systems as well as modifications, upgrades, and replacement parts.   From Design Engineering to Fabrication, Springs Fab is quickly becoming the preferred source for supporting Stearns Roger process equipment.