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Bechtel Recognizes Springs Fab Advanced Technology Group

May 09, 2017

May 9, 2017 Springs Fab Advanced Technology Gr...Learn More


At Springs Fabrication, we offer Project Management, Solid Model Design, Material Processing, Machining, Fabrication, Blasting, Painting, Assembly and Testing.  Our Colorado Springs facility has one of the largest milling centers in the Rocky Mountain region, including a high bay assembly bay area with 55-ft. under hook height. The large fabrication bay in the Colorado Springs facility is one of the largest in the region in both size and capacity.

Our Colorado Springs facility is a custom-designed 105,000 square foot manufacturing facility sitting on 11 acres and features the following:

  • Several inlaid floor rails for mobility of heavy and/or large projects and materials
  • High-bay overhead doors for easy access and flow-through processing
  • Precision floor imbeds to allow for accurate alignment of large fabrications
  • 100-ft. x 450-ft. large fabrication bay serviced by full span 40-ton bridge crane with 32-ft. hook height
  • 50-ft. x 100-ft. assembly bay including two 15-ton cranes with 55-ft. hook height
  • Small fabrication bay featuring eight work cells with the ability to reconfigure according to project scope
  • Well-equipped, heated 16-ft. x 18-ft. x 75-ft. paint booth with inlaid track for handling large and heavy parts
  • A complete range of surface preparation services, including an indoor 20-ft. x 24-ft. x 60-ft. blast facility with recovery floor
  • Several areas available throughout facility for the assembly of complex turnkey systems
  • Over 40 cranes ranging from one-ton jibs to 40-ton double trolley bridges and 15 cranes with capacity to handle 5 or more tons
  • Capacity for 24 x 7 production shifts (as needed)
  • Fenced and paved outside storage
  • Forklifts up to 32,000 lb capacity

The Westminster, Colorado facility encompasses 85,000 square foot and included over 75,000 square feet of manufacturing & assembly space with the features the following:

  • High-bay overhead doors for easy access.
  • Fabrication bay is equipped with a full compliment of equipment for stainless steel fabrication, including metal forming, welding, and finishing.
  • Assembly bay includes a 10-ton mobile crane, (2) 3-ton jib cranes, and a secure stockroom.
  • Forklifts up to 9,000 lb capacity.
  • Building includes three dock height overhead doors, and one grade height overhead door, for easy loading.
  • Fabrication and assembly bays can be reconfigured to suit any size of project.
  • Entire shop features radiant heaters for shop temperature control.
  • Services include metal polishing capable of mirror finishes.
  • Testing includes hydro pressure tests, and helium leak testing (sniff or vacuum methods).